A Picture History with selected Newspaper Accounts



Most of the pictures and other images to follow were selected by Michael Shea from his own personal collection. As such, many personal family pictures are included. All Band Members are invited to submit photos for inclusion on this page.

The differences between the words "Season" and "Anniversary" are not strictly adhered to.

1981 -- Inaugural Season

The First Year we set up in Sylvan Park on the back side of the Chapel Street restrooms on risers, facing east. Two 45 minute sets where performed. During the Parade we picked up music, stands, and chairs and dashed over to the southeast corner of University and Colton Avenue and played for the parade as it passed by. That evening we played for the crowd at Ted Runner Stadium on the west end in front of the goal post. Loudspeakers were borrowed from Caleb's Guitar Store. For that First Season we were wereThe Bethany 4th-of-July Band. Ever after we were The 4th-of-July Band or The Redlands 4th-of-July Band.

Redlands Daily Facts, Saturday July 4th, 1981, page 1: "At 5pm, the tenth annual Fourth of July parade will round the park, sparked by music from the Bethany Fourth of July Band and the Gordon Greys pipers." and inside: "A welcome addition to this year's Fourth festivities was the Bethany Fourth of July Band led by Curtiss Allen, Mrs. Beringeri said. Although the Band did not march they provided martial music from a location near the parade route and also entertained in the Park and during the University of Redlands stadium show."


Earliest Known Picture of the Band -- Sylvan Park -- On Risers against backwall of the Chapel Street Restrooms, Saturday, July 4th, 1981

People I recognize from that 1st Year: Michael, Steve and Jennifer Shea, Alan Pierpoint, Lynn Brandon, Ann Crane, Bruce Hedland, Kurt Korphmacher, Nick Miller, Allyse Crane, Kristi Elliot, Lorna Hoffs, Phebe Baty, Steuart Goodwin, Judy Lang, and Jeff Saterwhite.


1982 -- 2nd Season

First year for "Skimmers" (styrofoan straw hats) and Program Cards. The Cards were carried around the Bandstand by several children to show the crowd the number then being played.

band band

For Our Second Year the Band set up under the trees just north of the Chapel Street Restrooms in Sylvan Park. The picture is from the Daily Facts of Monday July 6th.

The Redlands Daily Facts, Monday July 6th, 1982, page 1: Redlands celebrates the Fourth -- Lead Article: The crowd (in the stadium) sang along softly as the Fourth of July Band played "America the Beautiful" and Beringeri snapped to attention as the Redlands High School color gaurd brought in the flag.


1983 -- 3rd Season

For Our Third Year we were again set up under the trees on the west side of Sylvan Park.

First pre-4th Concert in the Santa Fe Depot Colonnade; Small Band in Parade on Truck; Post 4th Concert and picnic for Band families in Sylvan Park

band band band

Redlands Daily Facts, July 3,1983 - Leader: "Fourth of July band has grown by leaps and bounds" by Nelda Stuck -- "Family affair" and "community spirit" are two phrases that describe the 80-plus member Redlands Fourth of July band that Curtiss Allen has organized and directs. "The purpose of the Band is to give people of varying experience, who might never have and opportunity to play, a chance to get their instruments out and dust them off, to pull together into a group of which they can be proud, and to offer good quality music" Allen said....."And the band has become a "family affair" involving this year the following families: Crane, Jabo, Ronchetto, Newton, Korfmacher, Shea, Sexton, Naftzer, Palmer, Webb, and Allen. The band just seemed to grow, with one player convincing another to join and so on down the line. Allen says he two rules for the band: 1) No Blasting, and 2) players have to know their part, "I require them to lay out if a piece becomes too hard, then come back in on the beat. They should not be ashamed if they can't play it all, he said, speaking of adults who have not played for years, or the very youngest students. Allen plans two programs Monday, each with different music: one at 2:30 - 3pm, and one from 3:30 - 4 near the Red Cross building at Chapel and High street." The band plans a picnic on July 17 in Sylvan Park. The event will include the sharing of photographs taken July 4th and another performance for the public"

Redlands Daily Facts, July 5th, 1983: The Fourth of July Band, assembled under two large trees on the west side of Sylvan Park, was encircled by parents and their young children. As they listened to the afternoon concerts along with a hand-clapping version of John Philip Sousa's "Stars and Stripes Forever", a dissenent drum beat nearby announce the beginning of a heavy-metal session.


Band in the Stadium prior to Fireworks Show. Curtiss is seated next to vocalist Don Jalving. Bruce Hedland took the photo from atop a tall stepladder.

1984 -- 4th Season

Founding Members Michael Shea and Ann Crane were married on Saturday, March 3rd at First Lutheran Church in Redlands. To provide music for the wedding Curtiss Sr. pulled together a small Chamber Orchestra consisting of Band Members and a few string players from the community. They set up in the Church on either side of the center isle with Curtiss directing at the head of the isle. They played appropriate music prior to the Wedding, and when Ann came forward during the Wedding March he simply stepped to the side. They played later in the Fellowship Hall for the reception which included some dance music as well.

wedding wedding

First year for Fife-and-Drum Group; 2nd pre-4th Concert in Colonnade; Small Band in Parade on Truck - win Mayor's Trophy

band band

Redlands Daily Facts, Thursday July 5, 1984 - Editorial and Opinion - 'Volunteers made July 4th special': "Not only is the Redlands Fourth of July celebration an annual success, it's an annual tribute to the spirit of volunteerism which makes Redlands such a special place.....Then there's the all-volunteer Fourth of July band, under the direction of Curtiss Allen. Members come from all over the East San Bernardino Valley to practice and perform. They even come from St.Louis. Bruce Hedlands got involved with the band when he was stationed at Norton Air Force Base. Now he's a commercial pilot based in St.Louis. But he wasn't going to miss his chance to beat the big bass drum and arrived Tuesday for rehearsal."

band band band

1985 -- 5th Season

Pre-4th Concert in Colonnade with 5th Season Anniversary Party and Cake


For Our 5th Season the Band purchased a paving brick as part of the City's Fundraiser to put new paving along Citrus Avenue. The Band's brick is located on the northeast corner of Citrus and Orange in front of what was then Keystone Drugs (currently "Darby's Cantina"). The brick reads: "The 4th of July Band -- Est. 1981". We held our third annual pre-fourth concert in the Santa Fe Depot Colonnade and celebrated with a birthday cake and shared it with the audience.

band band band

1986 -- 6th Season

Last pre-4th Concert in the Colonnade; Rented uniforms for the Fife and Drum Group - They enter Parade and win the Drill-Team Trophy


1987 -- 7th Season

The years 1987, 1995 and 2006 were of HUGE significance for the 4th-of-July Band. In 1987 we performed in the NEW BANDSTAND in Sylvan Park -- a gift to the City from the Optimist's Club. In 1995 we made our Inaugural Appearance at the Redlands Bowl on Sunday July 2nd, 1995 in Celebration of "Freedom's Victory 1945 to 1995", and in 2006 the Band made its First Appearance at the Redlands Bowl as part of their regular season on Friday June 30th. In 1995 we celebrated our 15th Season with an Anniversary Banquet, and in 2006 we celebrated at our 25th Anniversary Banquet. For the Banquet Festivities see the "Anniversaries" page. 2006 marked the debut of our CD/DVD. See the "Shop the Band" page for information about the CD/DVD.

First Pre-4th Concert in the New Bandstand - A Dedication Concert. Large Bandstand Banner made by Kristy Elliot.


Sylvan Park Bandstand, July 4th, 1987

band band band band band band band band band band band band band

1988 -- 8th Season

Redlands Centennial Year Celebrations 1888-1988; First pre-4th Concert in the Redlands Bowl; Curtiss acquires his new "fancy" Uniform Jacket.

band band band band band band band band band band band band
band band band band band band

The above Program for the Band's Sylvan Park Proformances in July 1988 was created by Michael Shea. It was the first and last time that an attempt was made to document all the musicians who had ever played in the Band to that point. Del Ash (french horn) was inadvertently omitted from the listing.

1989 -- 9th Season


The years 1989 and 1990 were the only years, so far as I know, when the 4th of July Committee prepared an actual program for the crowd gathered for the Fireworks Show at Ted Runner Stadium. These programs are presented below. The 1989 Program shows the lyrics to "Put Me Off At Redlands".

band band band band band band TedRunner TedRunner TedRunner TedRunner

1990 -- 10th Season

Custom-made uniforms for the Fife-and-Drum Group - Tailored by Irmengard Jennings

TedRunner TedRunner TedRunner TedRunner band band band

1991 -- 11th Season

band band band

1992 -- 12th Season

Advent of the "Jingling Johnny" for use on Nobles of the Mystic Shrine


1993 -- 13th Season

band band band

1994 -- 14th Season

band band band

1995 -- 15th Season

Redlands Daily Facts - Nelda Stuck - May?, 1995


Sunday, July 2, 1995 - Inaugural Redlands Bowl Concert

Redlands Daily Facts - Betty Tyler - Monday, July 3, 1995

bowl92 bowl92 bowl92 bowl92 bowl92 bowl92 bowl92

Redlands Daily Facts - John Andrews - July 5, 1995 - Ted Runner Stadium - "The Redlands Fourth of July Band directed by Curtiss Allen played several selections highlighting this year's Freedom's Victory theme commemorating the end of World War II....the Band had played most of their set during a performance at the Redlands Bowl on Sunday night which Allen had predicted would make the Ted Runner show 'Relaxed Fun' for the Band. With quest vocal performances by former mayor Carole Beswick (Goodie Goodie, Accentuate The Positive, and Dream) and Redlands police officer Cliff Thomas (The Star Spangled Banner, America the Beautiful, and God Bless America), Allen said it was just that."

band band band band

1996 -- 16th Season

band band band band band band band band band band band band band band band band band band band band band

1997 -- 17th Season


1998 -- 18th Season

Redlands Daily Facts - Sunday August 5th, 1998.

band band band band

1999 -- 19th Season

band band band band

2000 -- 20th Season

band band

2001 -- 21st Season

I have no pictures for this year.

2002 -- 22nd Season

First Year for our Red Polo Shirts with Band Logo

band band

2003 -- 23rd Season

I have no pictures for this year.

2004 -- 24th Season

band band band

2005 -- 25th Season

Our 25th Season is an appropriate time to recall the number and variety of venues and occasions the Band has performed for in addition to the 4th of July Celebrations

Smiley Library Centennial and Re-Dedication Festivities -- April 1998 --

Old City Hall, Veterans Day Observance and New Flag Pole Dedication - Nov. 11, 1995

Redlands Community Hospital 100th Anniversary


Redlands Quilt Show - Annually on 4 occasions


Lincoln Shrine Festivities

The Spinit


Veteran's Day Observances at the Eternal Flame - Annually for 5 years


Redlands Festival at Kimberly Crest

Perris Train Museum - Annually on 4 occasions

Plymouth Village Strawberry Festival - Annually on many occasions


San Bernardino Santa Fe Depot Train Days Celebration - Annually for 5 years


Hillside Memorial Park Memorial Day Concert

1987 Thanksgiving Dinner on State Street -- Ed Hales Park Concert

Univ. of Redlands Football KickOff "RahRah" Event - Several years running

Temecula Wine Festival

Win-The-Band Raffle #1 --

Win-The-Band Raffle #2 -- 653 West Highland Ave.

Pre-4th Concerts in the Santa Fe Depot Colonnade in Redlands - Annually for 5 years


World Communion Sunday Observances at "God's Corner" in Redlands - Annually for 3 years


City of Redlands Centennial at Redlands Bowl

City of Redlands Sesquicentennial at Redlands Bowl

Inaugural Redlands Bowl Regular Season Concert - July 1995

The James K. Guthrie Memorial Concert with the Inland Master Chorale at Clock Auditorium

Prospect Park Carridge House Renovation

Redlands Airport Dave Maupin Sendoff

March AFB Museum

Wildwood Canyon Park in Yucaipa - Equestrian/Family Celebration

Bethany Reformed Church Thank You Concerts

Redlands Flower Show - Annually on 3 occasions

Coronado Island Spreckels Park Summer Music Series - Annually for 6 years

band band band

Time to recall some of the The Card Kids Over The Years

kids kids kids kids kids kids kids

Time to recall the Fifes and Drums Over The Years - Parade Winners Multiple Times

kids kids kids kids kids kids kids

2006 -- 26th Season


Redlands Daily Facts, Sunday July 2, 2006 - page 4 -"grams will be available along with a CD....The final celebratory event will take place August 5th when the band gets together with family and friends for a banquet honoring its 25 years....Cost per person for banquet tickets will be $20 and they will also be available at the anniversary station on July 4 and afterwards at the city clerk's office....There is a limited number of tickets left."

Redlands Daily Facts, July 6, 2006 -- "Redlands Fourth of July Band celebrates with a bang" by Eileen Hards.

Our 25th Anniversary Celebration and Dinner -- August 5th


Founding Members (from left) Michael Shea, Ann Shea, Curtiss Allen, Sr., Kristy Elliot, and Stan Korfmacher

band band band band band

Signing of Contract for the Band's Inaugural Appearance in the Redland's Bowl's Regular Season

2007 -- 27th Season

First year the Band traveled to Coronado to perform a "Pops Concert" as part of the Spreckels Park Summer Music Series. The concert was fully recorded. We traveled by chartered bus. The cost of this transportation was borne by The Redlands 4th-of-July Committee. For pictures for this event see our 27th through the 32nd Seasons. Our rendition of "The King of Rags" can be heard on the Repetoire Page under Rags and Novelty Tunes.

band band band band band band band band band band

2008 -- 28th Season

Opened Our Initial Website through "Vistaprint" -- August 2008 -- Note "Bandoliers" made for the Band by Dave Ruff's wife.

band band band band band band band band band band band band

2009 -- 29th Season

First Pep Band Season for University of Redlands Home Football Games.

band band band band band band band band band

2010 -- 30th Season

band band band band band band band band band band band band band band band band band band band band

2011 -- 31st Season

band band band band band band band band

2012 -- 32nd Season

Last year of the Band's appearance at the Coronado Spreckles Park Concert Series.

band band band band band band band band band band band band band band band band band band band

2013 -- 33rd Season

Redlands 125th Anniv. Celebration at the Redlands Bowl

THE SAN GABRIEL VALLEY TRIBUNE July 3, 2013 at 12:00 a.m. With the Redlands Fourth of July Band, you ‘can’t help but get in the spirit’.

Curtiss Allen Sr. hasn’t missed a Redlands Fourth of July since 1981. In the early days his Redlands Fourth of July Band was an eclectic crew of volunteer musicians sweating beneath styrofoam skimmer hats in Sylvan Park. Rain or shine, lean or strong in numbers, band members have brought their own or borrowed instruments and a willing spirit to every July Fourth celebration for more than 30 years. Today, Allen will be in the park once more leading an all-volunteer band of 72 people, some as young as 13 others as old as 80. “There is a loyalty issue there,” Allen said of the volunteers. “A lot of it is loyalty to to our country, to our nation and to our flag.”

The group has come a long way since the days of barbershop-style skimmer hats. But locals can still expect a selection of classic band favorites today starting just after 11:30. All 72 people will begin their performance by marching two-by-two across the Zanja bridge into the amphitheater to the tune of Yankee Doodle. As local Boy Scouts raise the flag, the band will provide the soundtrack for the patriotic moment. Launching into the regular program next the band will play an up-tempo march from 1913 called “Tres Moutarde,” which is french for too much mustard.

A John Phillip Sousa fan from the start, Allen had to include something from the composer in the show. The composer’s “King Cotton March” echoes the South’s near worship of the cotton commodity in the 1800s. Although the Cotton March has been used in popular film, those at the park will likely better recognize the strains from Elton John’s “The Lion King” and the Rex Harrison movie classic “My Fair Lady.” “On the Fourth of July people don’t want to sit through a big overture,” Allen said. “I try to get the audience to clap and sing along with us on things. When we do ‘God Bless America,’ I want them to sing along.”

After 45 minutes of play, Allen and his 72-strong band will take a break before resuming the show at 1:30 p.m. “By that time, we are hot as firecrackers so we try to cool down,” Allen said. The second set will feature favorites such as “American Patrol,” “Floatin’ Down to Cotton Town,” “That’s-A-Plenty,” “Belleau Wood,” more “Lion King” selections and a medley of ’60s beach-themed tunes called “Big Fun in the Sun.”

For this band, the Fourth is a all-day affair with a finale at the University of Redlands Ted Runner stadium. Perched in the grassy center of the running track, the band will play as the first people walk into the stadium at 6 p.m. “I don’t want the crowd to come in and listen to a bunch of pre-recorded junk,” Allen said. “With the right music they can’t help but get into the spirit.”

This year’s productions were a joint effort between Allen and his son, band director at Beattie Middle School Curtiss Allen Jr. “When he was in middle school I pulled out a valve trombone that belonged to my grandfather in the Colton band,” Allen Sr. said. “I needed that sound in my little church orchestra so Curtiss began playing in that church orchestra.”

Both of Allen’s sons are now classically trained and music has become a family affair, Allen said.

“I don’t know of anyone else who would succeed me,” he said of his leadership for the Fourth of July Band. “But I have no intention of slowing down any time soon. Having him step in though has really taken a load off.” Allen’s sons aren’t the only ones to help the band succeed for more than 30 years. Allen’s expressions of gratitude were many and ranged from Mike and Ann Shea to wardrobe mistress Jennifer Gambino to Steuart Goodwin to stage manager Glenn Smith and more. “We play good music, we have a lot of fun in rehearsal, I demand good quality and somehow they respond to these things,” Allen said.

band band band band band band band

2014 -- 34th Season

Bethany Church Thank You Concert -- November 16 -- Notes: For "A Hunt in the Black Forest" listen to the 4th-of-July Band's rendition on the MUSIC BOX PAGE. The cuckoo, bird whistle, rooster crow, whip, pistol shots, and anvil were executed by Michael Shea, the hoofs by Sharon Cole, and the barking of the hounds by Sharon's dog Abby. Sarah Griffin designed the Concert Program.

band band band band band band

2015 -- 35th Season

band band

2016 -- 36th Season

band band band band

Redlands Daily Facts, February 18, 2016 -- "The Bandstand at Sylvan Park could be named in honor of the late Curtiss Allen, Sr.. On Tuesday, the City Council planned to review a proposal at the request of Mayor Paul Foster to remember the longtime musician and philanthropist at the site, home to several performances held under Allen's leadership Foster said. On Thursday the council tabled the discussion during its Tuesday meeting to make sure all involved service clubs were aligned in support of the proposal. The Optimist Club of Redlands built the bandstand and donated it to the city during the Redlands' centennial celebration in 1988. The Rotary Club of Redlands plans to raise funds for a plaque to be placed on the site after council approval. Allen was a member of Redlands Sunrise Rotary, where he served as the piano accompanist. The council plans to review the proposal again during the April 5 meeting, said Foster. The dedication, Foster said, "is the perfect thing to do to recognize such a significant community member, and what he gave to our city. It was great to know the Optimists signed up for it...and I know they recognize having Curtiss' name associate with it is the perfect symbolism that you would want." Frank Imbert, president of the Optimist Club, agreed. "The entire club is honored to allow that building to be named after Curtiss Allen and I look forward to being a part of the dedication ceremony", he said.


Memorial Location


Redlands Daily Facts, June 30, 2016 --

For the Redlands Fourth of July Band, the show will go on. Six months after the death of its founder, Curtiss Allen Sr., his son is now directing the band to continue his father’s legacy, providing the city with a patriotic soundtrack at events year-round, including the annual Fourth of July celebration.........

This year’s festivities begin at 9:30 a.m. Monday at Sylvan Park. “Naturally, I’m a band director and love all things band,” Curtiss Allen Jr. said. “Dad instilled in us a love of music at a young age. I was playing in groups as far back as I can remember … and my involvement with the Fourth of July Band was with him. Throughout the years I admired what he did and endeavored to help him whenever he needed me to.”............

Following his father’s hospitalization, Allen Jr. stepped in for his dad and led the band during last summer’s Fourth of July festivities. He has now taken on the role permanently with a few changes..........

“We’re continuing with all the traditional things that dad used to do,” he said. “We’ll definitely have a full slate of those things and new music I think the audience is really going to relate to. My stamp is going to be on it a little because my tastes are not the same as my dad’s. We’ll probably do less things that are recorded on cylinder records, but more things available on your iPhone. Either way, it will still be a nice mix.”.............

To many, Allen Sr. will always be “Mr. Redlands.” To honor his memory, several community members have rallied to dedicate the bandstand at Sylvan Park in his name. Earlier this week, members of the Sunrise Rotary finished installing a memorial plaque at the site. A formal dedication is planned for 11:45 a.m. Monday, according to City Clerk Sam Irwin. The dedication is open to the public.

As for Allen Jr., he is looking forward to Monday and what the future holds for the band. “I feel a strong desire to keep it going,” he said. “It’s part of who I am and it’s part of my life. I would just hate to see anything happen to this organization and the great folks who made it happen over the years.”


2017 -- 37th Season

band band band

2018 -- 38th Season


2019 -- 39th Season

Our New Website goes Online in October - - hosted by Redlands Web Design -- the new site is dedicated to Curtiss Allen, Sr.

band band

Hard At Work for the 4th!

band band band band band band band band band band band band band band band band band band band band band band band band

2020 -- 40th Season

Cancelled due to Covid-19 Pandemic -- Home Alone

band band band band band

2021 -- 41st Season

Thirteenth Pep Band Season. The Twelve Season was concelled due to Covid.

California to REOPEN! on June 15th. Thank God We Are To Return! Two Concerts in Sylvan Park -- Fireworks, sans spectators, at Moore Jr. High School

band band band

2022 -- 42nd Season

Possible Dedication Concert for the new Redlands Rail Project -- Spring 2022

sag sag

2023 -- 43rd Season

2024 -- 44th Season

2025 -- 45th Season

2026 -- 46th Season

2027 -- 47th Season

2028 -- 48th Season

2029 -- 49th Season

2030 -- 50th Season!-- It's Golden


“For over a thousand years Roman conquerors returning from the wars enjoyed the honor of triumph, a tumultuous parade. In the procession came trumpeteers, musicians and strange animals from conquered territories, together with carts laden with treasure and captured armaments. The conquerors rode in a triumphal chariot, the dazed prisoners walking in chains before him. Sometimes his children robed in white stood with him in the chariot or rode the trace horses. A slave stood behind the conqueror holding a golden crown and whispering in his ear a warning: All Glory is Fleeting".

Thy Will Be Done


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