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Except as noted, all of the performances are by the 4th-of-July Band.

Strike Up The Band

Mickey O'Shay · Strike Up THe Band -- Gershwin -- Arr. by Herb Mattick


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Michael Shea with his "home-made" Jingling Johnny -- also known as a Turkish Crescent or a Schellenbaum(Ger). A "Jingling Johnny" is a percussion instrument traditionally used by Military Bands.


Bethany Church Thank You Concert by the 4th of July Band -- November 16, 2014 -- For "A Hunt in the Black Forest" the cuckoo, bird whistle, rooster crow, whip, pistol shots, and anvil were executed by Michael Shea, the hoofs by Sharon Cole, and the barking of the hounds by Sharon's dog Abby.




Billy Murray and Aileen Stanley -- Gone, But Not Forgotten




Three thousand years ago, King Tutty reigned you know, He must have travelled greatly in his time. For in his tomb out there, was gold and silver ware, From big hotels of every land and clime. While going through his royal robes they found up in his sleeve, The first fig leaf that Adam gave to Eve

In old King Tut-Tut-Tut-enkhamen's day, Beneath the tropic skies King Tut-Tut-Tut was very wise, Now old King Tut-Tut-Tut was always gay, Cleopatra she sat upon his knee, Pat! that's where she sat.The girls would dance for him and every move a treat, They'd move and move and move but never move their feet. A thousand girls would dance each day, With lots of hip-hip-hip-hooray

In old King Tut-Tut-Tut-TutTut-TutTut-Tut, King Tutty's Day.




Tuba Skinny-- Traditional New Orlean's Style Jazz Band






The South Shore Concert Band, based in Massachuetts and led by Richard Whitmarsh, is a concert band that specializes in cirus band liturature and was founded in 1947 as the Abington Legion Band. They have recorded many volumes of music which are available on CD. Each volume is recorded in the context of a particular kind(s) of circus performances. They are not to be confused with the South Shore Concert Band of Stanton Island, N.J., a long-established community ensemble that plays during the summer months. Remember that they are a Circus Band, and as such, specialize in the dynamic --- FAST, LOUD and LOUDER!



A Rag (for Ragtime), is a musical style, and is not just for piano. It is best when played by a small theater-orchestra type ensemble, in this case the South Shore Concert Band. It was written by W. R. McKanlass in 1912. The very special thing about this rag is the delightful central-portion counter melody that is repeated twice. It is supported by wood block and wind whistle. It just makes you want to get up and dance. Also, it must be played at a moderate tempo, not with break-neck speed. This goes for the performance of Rags in general.




Meet Teddy Brown -- Teddy Brown -- Xylophonist and Snare Drummer Extraodinaire

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"Patter" from The Yankee Doodle Blues -- "They say that Europe’s wonderful with all its ancient junk, It’s not as good as KoKomo and KoKomo’s a bunk, Well how about ol’ London, was it covered by a fog?, Yes, and I had to move from Paris cause I couldn’t eat a frog. Did you visit ol’ Cologne while making all the rounds? Ol’ Cologne don’t smell as sweet and pretty as it sounds. A Russian Bolshivic he tried to get my scalp. I heard you wore your welcome out by sliding down and out. . . . . .

That’s why……. Miss Liberty I’ll say you’re a bear, And when the custom officer says to you, what do you declare, I’ll declare that. . . . .

There’s no land so grand for a day as My land, from California to Manhattan isle;

North and South my sunny sky land, I love ev’ry mile!

When I hear “Yankee Doodle,” That melody keeps on ringing in my ear; “Yankee Doodle—" That melody makes me stand right up and cheer, “I’m coming!” U S. A. , I say…. I love you, Make me lose those “Yankee Doodle Blues!”



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